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Organization of Examinations in Subjects MIE901 and MIE 911

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Completion of  courses is based on syllabus MIE901 – Microeconomic Analysis (Microeconomics 3) or syllabus MIE911 – Economics (Microeconomics – Macroeconomics). These handouts are available in the Public catalog of courses available at .

Type of activity Weight
Semina paper 50 %
Oral exam 50 %
Total 100 %


Content of seminar paper
The topic of the seminar paper has to be agreed in advance with the teacher.
The analytical apparatus of microeconomics (or macroeconomics) must be included into the essay. Student shows this way mastery of the course materials and the ability to apply it to a specific problem.

Formal requirements for the seminar paper
Length of essay: about 10 standard pages (about 18 000 characters including spaces).

Method of submission
Student puts the seminar paper (in electronic version) to ISIS in the “Coursework submissions”. Here the text is verified through anti plagiarism control.
Seminar paper (in “paper” form) should be passed to the secretary of the department of microeconomics.

The deadline to submit seminar paper
Essay cannot be submitted before the completion of lectures in the semester during which the student was enrolled on the course.
About one month (at the latest) before the end of the second study year. (This is due to the Study and Examination Rules for Doctoral Study. According to them, the student must pass all the exams during the first two study years).

The oral exam – the contents
The oral exam is focused on the discussion of the essay and then on the topic (s) of microeconomics and macroeconomics, that follow the seminal paper or are connected with it.

Topics in microeconomics and macroeconomics are specified in the syllabus of the relevant subject MIE901 or MIE911.

The oral exam – the deadline
Teacher determines – in agreement with the student – the term of the oral exam, normally within 10 working days of submission of the “paper” version of the seminar paper on the department of microeconomics.